About us

Maana Kidswear is a new, play-friendly and unisex kidswear brand for kids 1-8 year’s old.

We’re inspired by ever-stylish Japanese and Korean kidswear, combined with Scandinavian comfort, simplicity and a kid-like tounge-in-cheek attitude.

We work with small-scale producers, using European-made fabrics. Maana Kidswear is designed in Sweden and made with love in Portugal. 

Hey, we have kids too. So we make our styles easy to combine and wear no matter the season. This makes our items long-lasting and perfect to pass on between siblings and friends. Getting your toddler dressed in the morning will still be like wrestling a wild goat, though.

We’re an anti-stereotype brand. At Maana you’ll never find too-tight-to-climb-a-tree pants for girls, or only-car-and-truck prints for boys. All our clothes work great for all kids. 

We also think closely about how kids are pictured, especially girls. Every parent of a small girl knows that they are packed with adventure, determination and strength. Just as we promise to make clothes that work equally well for boys and girls, we promise to show girls that they are cool, strong and confident.

Did you know? Maana means ”kid” in Sami language.